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Sunday 19 June 2022

‘Trans Films’ to give platform for Transgender community

‘Trans Films’, an exclusive film company by and for the transgender community, aimed at giving a platform for their representation in the film industry, was launched by the Transgender Resource Center, Madurai on Saturday.

“In the Indian film industry, there have been transgender people who are actors, singers etc., However, there has been no film company by transgender people. We wanted to change that and also portray our community in a unique manner. ‘Trans Films’ is registered under the ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) with the hope of getting better financial support,” said Priya Babu, founder and director of the center.

The work for the first short film by the company is set to begin by July 10 and is expected to be released by August.

“This film is a historical transgender film which takes place in the period of 400 years ago. The story is about a transgender person who lived then and later is worshiped as a god. The idea is to showcase a transgender person in a different lens. No one has seen a transgender person portrayed as someone living in a palace, brandishing a sword,” said Baby.

V Deepa, secretary, sub-judge, district legal services authorities, Madurai and P Pon Muthuramalingam, regional joint director of collegiate education, Madurai region, were the chief guests at the inauguration.

The new offices of the trans library, housing books and other material addressing themes of transgender communities by transgender authors, was also inaugurated. Trans publication by the centre was relaunched as well with a book that was reprinted.

All Source: India Times

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