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Sunday 22 October 2017

Transgender can do a lot, the only thing they need a Chance. Joyita Mondal

Kolkata, Oct 20: India's first transgender Lok Adalat Judge Joyita Mondal from West Bengal on Friday spoke about the capabilities of transgender people and said if given a chance, they can do a lot. Mondal, who has been working for transgender rights since 2010 said during her journey as a activist to a judge of Lok Adalat, the Government viewed her as a social worker and not as a transgender.
A law degree holder, Joyita Mondal, who became the first ever transgender Lok Adalat Judge, soon after her appointment showed hope for other transgenders in the country. But things were not this smooth for Mondal during her initial years of struggle.
As per reports, ostracised by the society and facing discrimination, Mondal was at a point of time homeless and was forced to turn to begging. But soon she was introduced to transgender rights organisations which encouraged her to attain a law degree.
Mondal in an earlier interview claimed how before she gained her degree, she was looked down upon. But later, people started accepting her more than ever.

However, even after being appointed as the Judge, she hopes to carry on the fight against discrimination.

 Nirvair and Joyita file photo

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