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Thursday 2 November 2017

Publicly harresment of 2 Transgender at Attapur, Hyderabad, Vyjayant and Sabi told their story

Hyderabad: Two trans-women Vyjayant Vasanta Mogli and her friend Sabi went to the market at Attapur, Hyderabad on 01st November 2017 to buy some snacks and medicines as Sabi was not feeling well. They both left the home around 5PM, it was board day light. 
While walking from the footpaths outside their home, they supposed to reach market in 10-12 minutes. Those 10 - 12 minutes become horrible when one man on a bike stops them force-ably, Vyjayant and Sabi both ignored the teaser guy and keep walking and talking towards the market.
They stopped at the medical shop over there, the same person keep following them and start whistling. Again like before they ignored and start walking towards bakery to buy some snacks after they bought medicines. But that man keep following them on bike and keep commenting and whistling on them. When Vyjayant and Sabi walked into the bakery he followed them and passes vulgar comments, at that point of time Sabi shouts on that man and Vijayanti also threatens him that she will call police. At that point of time that person kicks off his bike and fled away.
After taking medicines and snacks both start walking back to their home, the horror was not an end as when bot Vijayanti and Sabi reached home they saw the same person was standing outside their home, he again start talking rubbish and telling them "Why  you are not responding, What is your rate, I came for enjoyment", Vyjayant immediately calls the She Team, after seeing Vijayanti calling for some help the person disappears from the sight.
Talking to Nirvair, Vyjayant's confirms that the complaint has been forwarded and bike number AP09 CW 1477 also provided to the concern desk. She hopes that strict action will be taken as there is always a delay or ignorance against Transgender harassment and discrimination.

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