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Wednesday 29 November 2017

MTF Transgender tips, walk smartly with confident, look smarter.

Clothes, hair, and makeup are important aspects of your feminine image. But your MOVEMENTS say more about you than you probably realize.

Over-exaggerated hip swinging
There’s nothing more alluring than the sexy sway of a woman’s hips as she walks. But you should never overdo this. In fact, if you are consciously swinging your hips, it’s probably too much.

A better approach is to simply put on a pair of high heels and walk naturally. Heels automatically cause your hips to sway. The key is to relax your body and go with the flow.

Stiff body movements
Stiff isn’t sexy. As mentioned, the secret to fluid, feminine movements is to relax your body.

Tense muscles translate to stiff, masculine body movements. Focus on relaxing your body instead. Do stretching exercises to help release built-up tension.

Poor Posture
Your posture is the foundation for your movements. Here are two posture mistakes to avoid:

Slouching: If you’re tall, you might be tempted to slouch to downplay your height. Don’t. Slouching isn’t attractive and it definitely doesn’t make you look more feminine.

Arching your back: On the other extreme, avoid exaggerating your posture by arching your back and sticking your butt out. While you might think this looks “sexy,” it actually looks silly.

The fix for both of these mistakes is to stand tall with natural, lifted posture. This makes you look confident and feminine.

Stocky shoulder movements
Men carry their weight in their upper bodies, while a woman’s center of gravity is in her hips. In men, this often translates into strong upper body movements.

  • Keep your shoulders down and back. If you feel your shoulders coming forward, literally roll them back into place.
  • Focus on keeping your shoulders still while relaxing the hips. This will help transfer the movement to your lower body.
  • Keep your body weight neutral (or even slightly back) instead of leaning forward. This helps downplay the look of your shoulders

When men walk, they typically have a space between their arms and body, while a woman’s hands brush transgender her hips.Men’s steps are longer and there’s often more space between the feet.There’s even a space between the thumb and hand, while women tend to keep their hands in a closed or “cupped” position.

Fascinating, right?

To correct this, rotate your elbows in so your arms stay closer to your body. Keep your feet closer together and take shorter steps when you walk. Finally, keep your thumbs tucked into your hands.

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