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Monday, 13 November 2017

Video: Trans women beaten at devotional place. A very shameful act by "rab de bande".

A very shameful act by public at devotional place in India. This video shows how people are judging two Trans women, as male. 
Later they both were beaten badly by public, in India this kind of incident at religious place left shocking and puts a big question mark on human equality, on one side gurudwara is known to be the safest place on earth for every living thing, on another dark side this incident left the un rubbed marks, specially on Trans community. 

These people (who attacks these two Trans women) only knows Genetically difference in between Male, Female and Trans. A Big Shame. 
People who understand Punjabi can very well judge this story.

Location has been not disclosed here as it may hurt religious feelings.

1 comment:

  1. These hopeless bummers ducking behind sanctity of Gurudwaras are the most infectious, morally broken & ridiculous mo’fers, mistakingly granted a human life by the almighty.. One can experience their deep-dyed bigotry from the stray piglet like creepy character, evident from the loud & harsh tone to boast their religious identity and oppressing socially backward classes by forming mobs to testify their grumpy character. While when an over-smart & presumptuous loser finds himself stuck in the trap he perpetuated for others, in a whim these megalomaniacs resort to what they’re champions at i.e. cribbing & victim-play.