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Saturday, 4 November 2017

Transgender Truth: Entry decline in Goa Casino. Read this story of Trans woman Nirvair Kaur

Hi All,

Very Gud Evening to all my loved readers, today I want to share my recent time story.

Recently I was in Goa and went to Casino, where first I was harassed by security guys, later they allowed me to go further after few questions full of harassment, on the reception I was simply refused to get entry as person near reception said "Aap Log Nahi Aa Sakte" (Casino Paradise), I did not make any argue as I felt too bad I was supposed to come back from the reception, but suddenly the pretty girl over there at reception force me to stop by saying 1 minute M'am, and she had a good argue in my favor with their management staff, but all in vain.

I was feeling too upset I decided to go in another casino at Hotel Marriott which is known as Carnival Casino, there I had a warm smiling welcome by Hotel Security staff, but when I went up by stairs to first floor to Casino, on reception again the same bad words come to my ears by receptionist, her wordings was "Sorry M'am you are not allowed inside casino", I asked her why, she replied this is Managements order. 

WOW! Dam Bull shit with all this type of thinking.....

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