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Sunday 28 June 2020

Transgender Community Distributes Ration To Needy Amid COVID Crisis

Nirvair a transgender who lives in South West Delhi's Najafgarh has been distributing ration kit to the needy and poor people d
uring this Corona-virus pandemic, the transgender community is the one that suffered most. This will not be wrong if we say that they have been at the receiving end since the beginning of the pandemic. But there are few who emerged as heroes, one of them is Nirvair Kaur.  Kaur is a transgender who lives in South West Delhi's Najafgarh. She has been distributing ration kit to the needy and poor people. 

Speaking to the Republic TV she said there was a time when she ran out of money and food and nobody was there to help her out. 

"It was the time I went out on the road and witnessed how people were suffering. There were poor people who had not eaten food. I  forgot my hunger and then decided to work for humanity," said Kaur. 

She said she arranged ration kit and distributed it among transgender and common people. She distributes Ghee, rice, flour, masalas and sanitizer too. 

"Lakshmi Tripathi, Manish Kumar Jain, Aryan Pasha, chef Vikas khana helped me in my noble work. Now people come to my house to collect ration kit. I also go to many places to distribute it," said Kaur. 

No doubt she has made every transgender proud by serving poor and needy. She said she will continue it. 

"No one gives us a job but also we survive. This pandemic has changed my life completely. I am now getting support from my community and my area residents," she said. 

Written By Atul Krishan | Courtesy: Republic TV

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